Give value to your creativity

Give value to your creativity

Token it is the perfect application for creators who want to be rewarded for their work while also rewarding their community.

See it, live it,
token it

Use Token it to build a collection that reflects your personality. As a fan, you can collect unique and original works from your favorite content creators to support them or to unlock exclusive content.

Share your moments

Create your profile and follow your favorite creators and friends, like/comment on their posts, browse their collections or simply chat with them! Everything can be done within a few clicks on Token it.

Generate income from the sale of your creations, but also on each future sale.

Share your creations directly and add value to your work through our marketplace.

Unlock private access, exclusive videos, training, promotions, and more for your most loyal fans.

Token it is extremely user-friendly and does not require any technical knowledge.

The Community at the Heart of the Experience

Your community is our first priority. Envision spaces dedicated to your personality, where your fans can interact directly with you and with each other.


Share exclusive moments, forge stronger connections, and foster an authentic community that supports you on your journey. At Token it, your community is more than an audience – it’s a family.

Our team

Token it is the result of several years of development and hard work.
Discover who we are.

Lucas Mafrica

UX/UI Designer

Why Token it?

At Token it, we understand that creators need a space that allows them to express themselves freely, find an audience for their work, and earn money from their creations. That’s why we’ve created a platform that enables all content creators to bring their creativity to life and reward their engaged community.

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